Monday, December 7, 2009

Life is Good

Several months ago, we were blessed with a homeless Yellow Lab pup. We are suckers for cute, homeless puppies, and everyone knows it - a liability when you hav a farm and a couple of empty kennels. So this pup came to stay with us. Her name is Polka (don't ask - she came with that name), and she came here with the intent of staying only until we found a home for her.

We have another dog who came here, 8 years ago, under that same premise. A Dalmatian-Lab cross who we named Lucky. Lucky came with a broken leg, and we agreed to foster her until "she found a better home". Well, who has a better home than us, for heaven's sake? We lived this lie for about 4 years. Then one day, my husband came home from the farm supply store with Lucky (who rides everywhere with him) and Lucky was sporting a fancy new John Deere collar. We knew she'd found a forever home.

I imagine Polka will have a similar experience. She is very much like our Lucky in terms of size, temperament and lovability. We figure that Lucky is now about 9 years old, so by the time Lucky is ready to pass onto that big playground in the sky, Polka will have grown up to be a sensible, adult lady dog. We hope that will help us make the transition and ease through the loss.

Odd, how as we age, we think in those terms. When I was a younger woman, I'd have never even considered that Lucky would ever die, much less bring in a companion for her to play with that will eventually help us with Lucky's ultimate transition. When the Lord calls me home, I'm ready, and I've made all the earthly preparations I can make, both for myself and for those I love.

What kind of preparations have you made? Have you even really considered the possibility that you may not live forever? Have you gotten things right between you and the Lord? Do you have your personal life & finances in order? Have you forgiven all you need to forgive?

Getting your house in order, as the phrase goes, both with God and with earthly issues will give you a peace and security that you have never known. You'll have a contented smile on your face just like Polka - sigh, life is GOOD!