Thursday, January 7, 2010

There's nothing like a nice, cozy fire!

Yes, indeed, we are having winter. It has been years since we have had so much snow in the Shenandoah Valley. The kids here actually only wear hats and mittens once or twice a winter, so when the first real blizzard came, everyone was in a panic for hats, mittens & boots! Everyone seems outfitted now, since this is the 3rd storm we've had since Dec. 18th, 2009. We are starting to call them "weekend storms", since they seem to come on Thursday and Friday!

A friend is coming from Richmond to visit us in the mountains tomorrow and I wanted to be sure to remind him to prepare for mountain weather. And you, too, should be prepared for bad weather, wherever you are. Pack a couple of warm blankets, a first aid kit, drinks, food & a warm change of clothes in your car and keep it in the passenger area - not the trunk - if you possible can. (What if you couldn't get in the trunk for some reason?) Think about where you are going, what you may encounter between here and there and plan for it. You absolutely cannot depend on someone rescuing you if there is an emergency. Oh, yes, probably someone will come along eventually, but you can get very cold and hungry waiting.  Don't take any chances with your health or safety - be prepared!