Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow Day!

Snow! Again! Yes, I know it's March and yes, I know snow is common in early March in Virginia. What is NOT common are 65 degree days, daffodils blooming, and late spring weather. My husband is out plowing, where last week we were working on the cold frame and transplanting berry plants. The grandchildren and dogs are delighted. The hens, well, not so much - they haven't come out of their house yet this morning - unusual for them at 9:30 a.m., but really, who can blame them!
And yes, these disgruntled but productive hens are the adorable baby chicks shows in the post below.

One of my favorite homesteading sites, Harvey Ussery's The Modern Homestead used to make mention that they don't do much updating during the nice weather - too busy farming! I should make such a mention here, since I don't do too much either unless I am trapped by snow or some other thing that prevents outdoor movement. Between the family, the dogs, the farm and - oh, did I mention my husband and our church? - I don't get much time to do a lot of writing & photography any more. Perhaps this year will be different and we'll be able to stay in touch more. I love writing to you all!

Since I had some time this morning, I read some great posts this morning on the Survival Mom website....learned quite a few little details that I didn't know, which is always fun. Here's one of them:
"Bleach has a shelf life of just about a year, so also stock up on calcium hypochlorite, which is pool shock. Buy the stuff without any additives — calcium hypochlorite being the only active ingredient. Use this to make homemade bleach by mixing 1 heaping teaspoon with 2 gallons/8 liters of water. You now have bleach. For water purification purposes, add 1 part bleach to 100 parts water."

Just goes to show you that you should ALWAYS read through the comments section!