Friday, November 20, 2009

Honey & Vinegar

For most of my life, I have gotten a nasty case of bronchitis at least once a year. Annually, I fend it off with bed rest, cough syrup and very rarely, antibiotics. I’ve had it so often and know it so well, that I no longer even go to a doctor when the symptoms begin to appear. I just stock up on cough syrup, Mucinex®, ginger ale and popsicles in case I run a fever and then I just get ready. Two or three days in bed in more of less of a cough syrup induced stupor (since I am very sensitive to medications) and I can function again…after 4 days I feel human.

On Monday night, I could feel it coming on. I had been reading about honey and vinegar for colds, flu and bronchitis – among the many other health benefits they offer. So this time, I got out my bottle of organic apple cider vinegar and a gift of Romanian honey and got ready.

Tuesday morning, the bronchitis came on full force, with a slight fever of up to 101° F. I drank nothing but a tea made of 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and honey to sweeten to taste (since I cannot stomach straight vinegar and water on a good day. Fasting was not a choice – I was just not hungry (perhaps from the honey?).
Bed rest all day Tuesday, and part of Wednesday. Thursday I had no fever and was up and dressed early in the morning and able to work some, but still felt a little tired. By this morning, Friday, I felt fine, though still coughing productively.
Tonight the coughing is nearly gone and I feel fine.

I’m no doctor and I am not even going to use the word “cure”. But this is the fastest case of bronchitis I have experienced in- oh, 50+ years. The family is joking about it being the “bronchitis diet”, since I lost 5 lbs. (I wouldn’t recommend it.)

Apple cider vinegar – the real kind you get in health food stores or make yourself, not the pasteurized version – has long been known for it’s healthful properties, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, fighting off infections, strengthening the bladder and kidneys – just for a start. And honey is known world wide as the natural sweetener of choice – easily metabolized, it is said to help with arthritis, high cholesterol, colds, upset stomachs, influenza, indigestion, fatigue and helps build the immune system.

It worked for me, better than the drug store aids. My lungs did not clear up faster, but they did clear up more thoroughly (along with my sinuses, which I didn’t know had a problem), and while I still had coughing fits, they were more productive. I spent less time in bed, less time with a fever and was back to at least light work much faster. Next time you have a cold coming on, I’d highly recommend you give it a try. I'm going to make this my regular morning and evening tea!

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