Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Surprise and Reminder

Nov. 17, 2009

You may have noticed the pretty little flower garden in the picture of the log cabin. That’s the summer garden, and it is absolutely my favorite time of year, at least for flower gardens.

But it’s turned cold and the flowers have long since ceased to be pretty. The rose bushes are spindly and naked, the hibiscus is spread out an yellow leaved, as is the big autumn joy sedum.

Yesterday was a wonderful day – sunny and warm, but not to hot – a perfect day for me. I did some housework and some office work and took the afternoon “off” to go play in the garden. While pruning and clearing away the dead stalks and leaves, I found a delightful little treasure…

Tiny baby sedum plants! They were so adorable and such a sweet little surprise, I had to show them to you! Every one of these little ones will grow into a big showy plant that needs virtually no care. In the spring, we’ll separate them and pot some up for family, friends and maybe the farmer’s market.

The hens have completely stopped laying now and are growing their feathers back in after their molt. We’ll let the girls all rest and re-grow their feathers at their own rate, not pushing them to produce with artificial lighting or other things. Even my pair of beautiful Muscovy ducks are molting. It is definitely the time of year when things slow down and take a much needed rest.

Wouldn’t it be great if we would just rest and rejuvenate when we needed to, like our pets and livestock? Instead, we work and work, 24/7, never giving ourselves a moment’s rest. And now, the pressure of the holidays is upon some of us,complicating things with the need to buy gifts, impress friends and family, tolerate friends and family and run ourselves into debt and craziness.

What if we just slowed down and pay attention to ourselves a little? Not in a selfish way, but just use our common sense about how we care for ourselves. Rest when we’re tired… Buy less for Christmas – make gifts for your friends and family and stay out of the stores….slow down just a little and stop taking ourselves so seriously. Let’s make the holidays – and every day - special and enjoyable again, not something we just have to “get through”.

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