Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grandma's Top 5 List of Things to do in 2011

"Grandma, all this stuff in the news makes me as nervous as a cat in a room full of rockin' chairs. What can we do to protect ourselves if things get really bad. I mean the news says everything's getting better, but a lot of our friends aren't able to find jobs and a lot of them are on food stamps. What can we do?"

Glad you asked, Honey! Here's my list of Grandma's Top 5 List of Things to Do in 2011

5.  Buy more canning jars and lids. The last time I checked, canning jars were still under $10 for a case of 12. No, this is not cheap. But yes, you will be happy to have them if jars become scarce - and they will. Even in the last couple of years, it is not uncommon for the big stores to run out of jars during canning season. They never go bad and if you are careful with them, they last a long time. Be on the lookout for used jars in excellent condition (no chips, cracks, dings) at yard sales and auctions. While you're at the auction, keep an eye out for good books on canning & preserving. Here's a link for a free e-book on canning & preserving to start your collection.

4. Grow a medicine chest of medicinal herbs in pots or in a raised bed.For some great ideas and free learning tools, click here:

The Herb Mentor

3. Start a vegetable garden. Yes, you can grow food anywhere, even if it means incorporating it into your landscaping. And if you don't have a place where you can plant an actual garden, grow some things in pots. It will make you feel good to nurture something and you will learn how to be a little less dependant of the grocery store.  Just beginning? Take a look at these e-books to get you started.

2. Buy silver. The spot price for silver as I write this is $29.64 per ounce. If you can only buy one ounce per month, buy it and put it away. One a week is better. Do not buy paper silver certificates - buy physical silver. If you can afford to buy gold, that is a good place to store wealth, but for everyday purchases, silver is the precious metal of choice.

1. Buy food. No matter how much money you have now, or think you may have later, if there is no food to be had, you'll still be hungry. Learn now how to stock a pantry.  Here's a helpful chart  to get you started.

We've touched on buying food for storage before in the blog, and we will cover all of these things in detail over the next few months. But time is running short. Some experts say 6 to 36 months. I read an article tonight that said March 2011 would be the beginning of the crash. March 1st is only 8 weeks away, friends. I'd rather be ready on March 1st and have nothing happen than keep procrastinating and be in really bad shape with no preparations made if ......

And if things improve, the sun comes out again and life is economically delightful, what have you lost? Not a thing, and you actually have gained skills, assets and the confidence to know that you have taken the steps you could take to protect yourself and your family from hurt & harm.

Not convinced? Take a few minutes and watch these videos.

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